Haworthia Attenuata


Botanical Name: Haworthia Attenuata

Common Name: Zebra Plant

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Botanical Name: Hawarthiopsis Attenuata

Common Name: Zebra Plant

  • A popular and delightful succulent in Australia that originated from Southern Africa.
  • Closely related to the Aloe family.
  • Prefers well drained soil such as Cactus Mix or fast draining potting soil with sand.
  • Bright light is perfect for these Hawarthia, however full direct sunlight can expect to dim the brightness of the plants colour to white or yellow.
  • An evergreen succulent with long leaves with beautiful bands of white tubeless on them. This is what sets the Attenuata aside from the Fasciata. The other tell tale difference is the slimmer and longer leaves of the Attenuata that is more green and distinct with the white. The Fasciata is a darker green and is has no real marking.
  • Hawarthia self subdivides readily in the wild and you will often find them form large clumps together if left alone in the wold.
  • Popular as a house plant due to its general hardiness, resilience and drought resistance.
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