In 1903, the World Health Organizations met around a big table and discussed the future of health. Many agreed that science was the way, leaving natural and organic (aka holistic) health to become mythical and estranged.

Some of the old Asian, Middle Eastern, African and European countries around the world still practice these healing traditions in their own way, though second only to Medicine and Science.

While definitely no way qualified, or certified, NOBEL Pots & Pavers do have a small range of herbs and have researched common ailments these herbs are good to treat. Due to the organic nature of caring for the plants in this Garden Center, they are eatable straight from the plant, the way it was grown and used for many years before the World Health Organisation’s decision.

NOBEL Pots & Pavers is building amazing relationships with like-minded growers around the state and enjoy meeting people with the same ideas about their eatable gardens. Feel free to pop in and have a chat with Michel & Saidy about their extensive knowledge about the garden.

Nadia is also a Holistic Healer using REIKI as a modality for healing. Feel free to speak to her about studying Universal Energy and Plants to support your lifestyle.

Important Note: Please understand that Michel & Saidy both volunteer their time as best they can without aggravating their existing injuries – they are not paid or responsible for providing health advice – therefore, always consult with your doctor before delving into any dietary lifestyle changes.

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