Everyone has a unique perspective of the way they wish for their gardens to look and feel. Michel & Saidy have lived their whole lives with passion for plants, trees, herbs and veggies. Michel has a background in the building industry, while Saidy has cared for her children and her plants while the kids were at school and doing their own thing.

NOBEL Pots & Pavers started as a hobby out of their daughter’s small technology business. Knowing not much about technology herself, Saidy would read her book and enjoy the space outside the workshop. When the phone rang, at least she was available to answer and give attention where it was needed.

Collectively, it was decided to make the yard a little nicer for clients to come to the workshop. Michel negotiated a good price on these pavers and he was offered an even better rate if we would display samples in our yard – we had plenty of space. We always snap up any great sounding opportunity.

A few pots of parsley, thyme and tomatoes later, people started to come in and enjoy the space, often asking how much her pots were. Soon enough, there was more plants than technology, and NOBEL Pots & Pavers Emerged.

Established in January 2015. Still going today.

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