In 1996, the middle child of Michel & Saidy (Antoine) came home with a plant that he thought was quite entertaining. He explained that he thought it was funny because he watched people try to touch it and it would prick their fingers. Yep, it was a cacti. A simple run of the mill cacti in a little black pot, but not for long.

15 years later, the cacti outgrew it’s pot and it was planted into the dirt outside front door at the family house. While still entertaining Antoine, it also served as a Guard Plant. You needed to get past the cacti before you could knock on the door. OK, a little exaggerated, but it did actually hit the 9ft eves before it began making small pups that they could propagate more of these little fellas.

In 2014, Nadia (Michel & Saidy’s eldest child) brought home a few succulents. After  a little research and googling, the family learned that cacti and succulents made for fantastic low maintenance additions to the Garden Center. Not only a great addition, but soon after, they became very popular, and more varieties were introduced.

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