Family Volunteer
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Michel is Dad. He is Jidu (Grandfather in Arabic) and he is the Head of the Bakhos Family. Suffering from a few illnesses, Michel struggles to accept his disabilities - he sees them more as an indication that he is alive.

Over the past 12 years, Michel has been the beacon of our family and has supported NOBEL Pots & Pavers with his ongoing advisory support. While the business holds a Builders Licence, it is because of his expertise that we can achieve our goals.

The same as Saidy, Michel does not take a wage from the business. His time and talent are volunteered to help the community with their gardens and he tries to bring the beauty back into the yard. Michel chooses to keep going! He understands the value of mind over matter and how important it is to keep moving. While he cannot do as much as he could in his prime, it keeps him busy and landscaping gives him pleasure.

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