Family Volunteer
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Passion for Life is the reason NOBEL Pots & Pavers has grown into this magnificent small business. Saidy will not back down to her injuries and she uses the garden center as her therapy.

Saidy is an unpaid volunteer for the family business and her goal for the Garden Center is to help make it a beautiful place for people who enjoy their plants to also share in the amazement. Hoping to hand the business down to her Grand Sons Joseph & Marcus when they are older.

Suffering through agitated back injuries, head injuries and the like, Saidy suffers with anxiety and depression. Spending her time at the family business enables her to have balance and support where she needs it the most.

NOBEL Pots & Pavers

Saidy treats the plants like her children. Even when the gates are closed, she often speaks to her babies and feels all the emotions they bring. With her hands in the dirt, she feels as though she is making a difference by offering Customers to the business some of her knowledge and love.

Come and chat with Saidy :)

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